Call to : 0035725030399
How to download and setup the phone client

After your FREE Registration you will receive an SMS to your regsitered phone with your username and password.

Android Users:

1. Make sure you are connected on WIFI Hot spot!
2. Install the application "Telemega" from the Android Market.
3. Click Save
4. On "Phone Number" enter your mobile phone number ie 0035799123456.
5. On "Password" enter the password send with sms to your phone after registration
6. You are now ready to make quality Low Cost Calls.

Iphone Users:

1. Start up the Appstore manually
2.Search for Media 5 . This search will bring up the Media 5 Sip Voip for iPhone
3.Select install
4. The phone will be installed automatically.
5. Start Media 5 by tapping the icon.
6. Select "more" Tab and settings
7. Configure SIP Accounts
8. Hit the "+" Button
9. Hit the "+" Button
10. Set the title as something you can remember it
11. For the username and password, refer back to the sms that you received when setting up an account through website (ie username must be your phone number 0035799123456 )
12. Next select the Servers tab and enter the address as "" and the port as "5060"
13.Select done and after Media5 verifies the server, you should be able to make LOW COST calls with the dialer

Windows Xp / Windows 7 Users:

1. Download our Softphone for your Laptop or PC
2. Enter your phone number ie: 0035799123456
3. Enter the password send witrh sms to your phone
4. You are now ready to make quality Low Cost Calls
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